Not your average stylist
True Professional
Certified by the London Institute of Style Coaching™️
Services available in: English, Russian, Armenian
Master's Degree in Education from the American University of Armenia
Skilled Facilitator
Featured in numerous local and international media outlets
Doing Big Things
10 + years of experience in professional interpersonal communication and business development
Serving clients from all around the world including: Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Moscow, Yerevan and more

About Vard
Vard has always had a knack for intentional listening and building healthy relationships. As a loving wife, daughter, aunt–and in her former life as an educator–she is a practiced and proud empathetic communicator. Vard is also a curious and impassioned conversationalist, and will discuss the intersections of beauty, style, mental health, environmental advocacy to anyone who will listen to hours on end.

Central to Vard's core beliefs as a Style Coach is understanding and embracing one's unique personality. By building confidence in yourself, you'll learn to flaunt what makes you YOU through your own distinct style. It's the most efficient way, Vard says, in becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your goals.

With a Master's in Education and a passion for style, Vard pursued certification from the Style Coaching Institute in London and has since embraced her full-time career as a Style Coach.
one unique combination that is unapologetically you
About the 7-Style Approach
7 styles:
The 7-Style Approach is a system that highlights 7 distinct style archetypes to help you to pinpoint a look or feel that is uniquely yours. When developing a style that works best for you, it’s helpful to have some reference styles to navigate what you like and what you don’t like.
Together, walking through the style archetypes–and distinguishing what features of each speak to you–we will be able to dig deeper into what unique style combination–or foundation–can help you to express yourself and make you feel your best.

VARD/MOV Philosophy

To fully understand the VARD/MOV philosophy, you’ll need to understand my background and my story. I’m from Armenia, which is a small mountainous country between Asia and Europe. I come from a traditional family with solid morals, and it wasn’t until I left to explore the world that I gained independence and was able to embrace the modern world.

From a Genocide during the first World War, to Soviet rule to modern wars, Armenians have been through a lot–and as a people, they are beautifully resilient. They are some of the most generous, hospitable, welcoming people you will ever meet–and more importantly, they know how to enjoy life’s happy moments to the fullest.

An Armenian will bring a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate to every outing, even if it’s just to their friend’s house down the road. I love the idea of making a sweet event out of every moment you can.

I have learned so many lessons as a proud Armenian and adopted them into my methods of Style Coaching–lessons that I know everyone can benefit from, like seeing the beauty in everything and not sweating the small things. You can be tough and resilient without losing the softness and charm that make you YOU.

Today, I’m so grateful for the well-rounded life outlook I’ve been afforded. I have both my strong Armenian foundation, which has shaped my morals and life outlook, as well as my broader world view, which has allowed me to apply what I know to a modern world.

And I hope that you will let me share all that I have to offer with you, so that you can gain the tools you need to activate your goals and see the beauty in everything, too.