Brands We Love Right Now: Fall 2022

by Vard Mov
Leaning into all things slow fashion, nostalgic, and homages to heritage, here are our favorite brands of the season.

Doên - Santa Barbara, CA

Founded by sisters Margaret and Katherine Kleveland in 2015, Doen is romantic, whimsical and quintessentially Californian. Known for their muted palettes and naturalistic prints, Doen specializes in vintage-inspired dresses that have been recognized in the high-fashion world. We love how free and bohemian the dresses are, without sacrificing an overall classic look.

CO - Los Angeles, CA

CO is a womenswear brand founded by Stephanie Danan and Justin Kern in 2011. Known for their seasonless collection available year-round, CO’s pieces are luxury staples, often minimalist or classic in style. The brand’s name ‘CO’ is an ode to the collaborative partnership of the designers, as well as their foundational philosophy to building a wardrobe; one in which pieces can cohesively service from one outfit to the next. As major fans of quality basics, CO is a yes for us.

Frame - Los Angeles, CA

While quality denim and gorgeous handbags brought Frame into the conversation, the brand now carries a variety of quality classics but the slightest hint of edginess. We love stylish, trend-adverse clothing made to last a lifetime, and Frame certainly fits the bill. Also, how can you say no to the perfect pair of jeans?

Faithfull The Brand - Bali, Indonesia

Since 2012, Faithfull the Brand has collaborated with Bali’s best artisans to create unique, vintage-inspired hand-made garments. With fun prints, flattering silhouettes, and one-of-a-kind designs, Faithful is truly worth keeping in the rotation. We love this brand because the designs feel thoughtful, and reminiscent of summer and a spirit of travel.

Khaite - New York, NY

An edgy, playful take on wardrobe staples, Khaite has been catching a lot of attention recently in the fashion world. While the brand’s foundational commitment to luxury has not changed, it seems as if it may be straying into the avant-garde–which we adore. Khaite feels as if it has a pulse on what’s happening right now in street fashion; and can lead the way into the future. The neutrals, the ruffles, the hints of retro–it’s standing out like a beacon of the modern fashion moment in a sea of NYC-based labels.

Farm Rio - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

One of the happiest, most whimsical brands out there right now, Farm Rio is making waves with its colorful hues, bold shapes and patterns, and an obvious homage to the country’s cultural movements. Wearing a Farm Rio piece is like wearing a little piece cut from the cloth of Rio, itself. We love this brand because it encapsulates a notion we hold dear at VARD/MOV–not forgetting the value of heritage, culture and what makes us unique. This brand just has good energy all around!

The Frankie Shop - New York, NY

Like a luxury Everlane, The Frankie Shop serves up limited-stock, trend-adverse basics often with a modern twist. We love The Frankie Shop because of their laid-back vibes and hints of minimalism.

Milaner - Italy

Started by a team of Italian women, Milaner was created to honor the authentic, sustainable approach to creating artisanal goods. Their mission is to bridge the growing gap and disconnect between artisans, brands and customers. We love Milaner because of their unwavering devotion to the return of Italian slow fashion practices, as well as heritage.

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