Capsule Wardrobes: What You Need to Know
by Vard Mov

The concept of a capsule wardrobe is simple: keep a smaller, high-quality closet of pieces that can work together to create outfits for any occasion–and won’t go out of style.

Capsule wardrobes can range from 25-50 pieces, including accessories like bags and shoes. When it comes to the pieces, quality and versatility are more important than trendiness.

In response to ever-changing trends, trend adverse clothing–such as the radical-transparency brand Everlane–has risen to prominence. Additionally, the inhumane sweatshop practices and sheer waste that fast fashion brands purport, capsule wardrobes appear to be a sustainable option that don’t have to sacrifice style.

So where do you start?

Your own closet! Auditing your current closet with a Marie Kondo state of mind will tell you exactly what you need more of–and what you need to get rid of.

Sift through all of your clothes and ask yourself–does this bring me happiness? How many outfits can I wear this piece with? Can I wear it for multiple occasions? Does it go well with my other clothes? Is this a staple or statement piece? Do I already have something like this? Is this of the highest quality in my abilities? Try working with a specialist to turn your existing wardrobes into collections that remind you of your favorite brand–and actually work for you, your colors and your body type.

Once you’ve purged all those items that just don’t make the cut (remember to always donate used clothes!), you can identify holes in your closet.

When filling those holes, it’s best to stick with brands that focus on quality essentials–that may look different, depending on your style and your price point, but the sentiment is the same.

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