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Classic with a Twist Explained
by Vard Mov
If you think of any classic fashion icons–Marilyn, Audrey, Coco–you're thinking of Classic Style. Defined by clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, neat hems, Classic Style is a timeless, put-together look of a largely bygone era. With simple stripes or minimal detailing, Classic Style often relies on neutral colors–such as blacks, whites, and tans–and eye grabbing detail–such as side slits or asymmetrical collars–to make a statement.
Classic with a Twist updates this look for the 21st century–and it's becoming more popular every day, as aspects of Classic Style are being incorporated into popular and Street Style, like blazers, pleated trousers and vintage accessories.
Michelle is wearing a vintage Balenciaga dress, vintage Carel boots, Miu Miu handbag and Bluetiful headband.
However, what distinguishes Classic with a Twist from other styles which incorporate Classic aspects is quality.

n a world that unfortunately relies so heavily on the unsustainable, unethical practices of trendy fast fashion, the quality and trend-adverse nature of Classic Style can be a major selling point. Even if you get everything else right style-wise, if you're not investing in quality, your Classic with a Twist look will fall short.

It is for these reasons that Classic with a Twist style is extremely well suited for a capsule wardrobe. Leaning on a few high-quality versatile pieces–such as black trousers that go with everything, or a trench coat you can dress up or dress down–will bode well for exuding a Classic air without breaking the bank.

There are also style distinctions or "twists" within Classic style, such as minimalist classic, edgy classic, sporty classic, etc. Finding your own unique niche within Classic with a Twist will help you cut above the mix–and show more of your personality through an otherwise rather uniform style (click here to view personality-uncovering VARD/MOV services). Think of how Amal Clooney or Megan Markle keep it Classic, but with their own unique flare–this distinction is your friend.

Here are some other examples of Classic with a Twist pieces for your wardrobe (though the detail and character depends on your personality style and body type–get your VARD/MOV body type and/or color analysis here):

Fitted trousers, blazers, single-breasted trench coats, sleeveless tops, button-up tops, cardigans, turtlenecks and form fitting knee-length dresses and skirts. Shoes and accessories include simple heels or loafers, and pearls, brooches and classic gold earrings.

A quality but understated handbag, such as a black and gold Chanel purse, is a prime companion for a Classic with a Twist outfit. For formal occasions, a statement hat or headpiece can upgrade any Classic outfit.

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