Style Wisdom
Cultivating a Positive Self-Image
by Vard Mov
I believe that all people are perfect–in no need of 'fixing', only uncovering, enhancing and illuminating. And that all starts from within.

To have a positive self-image is to, above all else, have love for your soul–but getting there can be a challenge. Since we live in a physical world (and as women, are reminded of that constantly), building a positive self image means having a healthy appreciation of your unique body, and developing a sense of your own style that not only works with your shape, size, and skin color but highlights the elements that make you YOU.
While no one teaches us in school, gaining an understanding of how to use clothes, accessories, and color and having an understanding of 'true style' will empower you beyond what you thought was possible
This is why I believe that practicing self-love and cultivating a positive self-image is key to owning your true style. For me, Style Coaching always starts and ends with what is within.

We all know the importance of building a positive 'self-image'. Most of us work towards this goal every day by going to the gym, practicing a skincare routine, or even reading countless self-help books in pursuit of achieving an enlightened state of mind and body.

So, why do so many of us still hold a negative self-image?

I know I won't be alone when I admit to having spent so much time looking at myself in the mirror, and fueling the negative self-doubt brewing in my head.

"I hate my belly fat"

"Why can't I go to the gym as often as I see others going?"

"Am I lazy?"

Sound familiar? It's this negative self-talk that is getting in the way of you visualizing your own positive self-image.

Let's consider this: while it's completely understandable and absolutely normal for a person to experience negative thoughts from time to time, Beverly D. Flaxington–the author of 30 Days to Understanding Other People: A Daily Approach to Improving Your Relationships and the Gold Award-winning Understanding Other People: The Five Secrets to Human Behavior–states that succumbing to habitual negative self-talk "[...]gets you in its grip and does everything possible to keep you trapped". In essence, giving in to internal self deprecating stunts your abilities to reach your potential.

Keeping in that logic, let's discuss the direct connection between the thoughts in your head and your productivity level. Starting your day strong means waking up worryless; throwing a quick confident glance at your reflection in the mirror; making positive space in your head by reciting affirmations; putting on an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your body; maybe making your bed and having a healthy breakfast. Moving through these motions in the morning will have you leaving the house (or staying to work from home) full of determination, and ready to face the world by putting your best foot forward.

I know–all this is easier said than done. The great news is there are so many ways to manifest your ideas and achieve your goals that are right for you. Unfortunately, there's no silver bullet when it comes to building your most optimal self-image–tactics that work wonders for some might fail for others. Part of the issue is that we live in a fast-paced, instant gratification world–we're not used to making habitual changes, or waiting out the tough transition periods to get results that won't become evident for a while. While not every tip you read online is going to work for you, here are 3 foundational tips that will help you to blend cultivating a positive self-image and upgrading your personal style (when you stick to them!)

Accept where you are today and learn to love the skin you're in. Look at yourself from a fresh perspective. Feel the difference between focusing on your positive features as opposed to the negatives and train your mind to silence that inner critic. Next time you walk into a room full of people, try holding your best features in your head instead of worrying about those with potential. Hone that wave of confidence, and let it flood your mind and body. Trust me, you'll feel the glow.

Enhancing your self-esteem with style can work wonders on just about anybody. By gaining an understanding of your lifestyle and fashion preferences, you are exploring your own personality from a new angle. Style Coaching is–at its core–a journey into deep, meaningful self-exploration.

Treat yourself to a self-image makeover. Pick outfits that make you feel empowered and practice self-assured body language. Challenging the critical inner voice by imagining yourself beaming and confident in a diverse array of situations–all the while, staying focused on your most positive qualities.

Remember: beauty, strength and confidence comes from with in–and within each of us is an already perfectly imperfect soul, just waiting to shine.

In the words of Dr. Steve Maraboli: "There is nothing rarer, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her imperfection. To me, that is the essence of true beauty."
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