A Day in The Life
The body in motion stays in motion: It’s a simple phrase, but it holds a lot of truth–doing as much as you can (especially in the morning) propels me to make the most of my day.

by Vard Mov
START IT OFF RIGHT: I wake up at 7am in the morning (or when the sun comes up) and rehydrate immediately. It’s no longer a glass of water besides my bed–it’s a whole carafe and I like it that way.

FIRST THING'S FIRST: I love feeling like a supportive, helpful wife so one of my favorite morning rituals is seeing my husband off to work, in the clothes I prepared for him the night prior.

FILL MY CUP: After my husband goes off to work, I start my morning on the right foot by making a phone call that fills me with energy and joy. I make sure to plan ahead of time with friends and family–especially those who live in different time zones–to find a time in the morning that works for the both of us. This little ritual helps me stay on top of prioritizing the important relationships in my life, in addition to putting me in a good mood of course!

CHECK IN ON THE WORLD: Next, I check my social media and update with the latest events.

TIME FOR THE GOOD STUFF: I like to catch up on fashion news, such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle take a peak at more niche periodicals like ID or System, and I always make sure to work on my Masterclass of the moment (right now, I’m knee-deep in Kelly Wearstler's Interior Design course).

HOUSEWORK: Before I dive in with actual business, I need to ensure that my space is as clean and organized as I want my mental state to be. A lot of folks start their cleaning with surfaces and easy-to-see spaces–my special sauce is that I focus on the unseeable (i.e. the drawers, the wardrobes, the fridge) first before moving to the more visible. That way, cleaning doesn’t become a game of where you can shove things that are laying around, it actually becomes a time to get everything in order and I ultimately save time because I know where everything is. Pro tip: I LOVE these drawer separators to help me stay on top of the clutter, working within my home’s spacial confines

OKAY, NOW TIME FOR BUSINESS: With my mind is clear and bright, and my home a clean space, I’m ready to dive into my passion: meeting with style clients remotely and in-person. I also use this time to answer emails and stay on top of work-related tasks. I’m also shopping for clients and cultivating relationships with store managers to ensure having exclusive access to the pieces my clients need. The work day is also when I have team meetings and write blog posts (when I’m inspired).

DECOMPRESS: The work day is over and that means time to rest, eat dinner, enjoy entertainment and spend time with my friends and husband. Zoning out and taking time to simply enjoy is essential in securing your abilities to be productive the next day–and this special time (and weekends) are really why we do the work we love in the first place.
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