Our Favorite Fall 2022 Makeup Trends
The weather might be getting colder, but these looks stay hot.

by Vard Mov
Depending on where you live, fall can be a time of crisp closure, cozy reconnecting with yourself and–above all–beautiful deep colors that only come out once a year. Check out what our team has to say about makeup trends for this year’s autumn season, and how you can update summer and timeless looks to pop for this time of year.

  1. Blush everywhere

Pinks and rogues aren’t just for cheeks anymore. Spice up your face by using blush as contour, lip color and eye colors. And don’t be shy to stray from the light pinks and bright reds into deeper color territory, like burnt oranges, plums, and maroons–the results are simply gorgeous.

  1. Glowy skin

Glowing, dewy skin has always been in, no matter the season. But dewy-looking skin during the time of year when our skin is the driest. You can prolong your summer look by adding more oils, serums and creams into your rotation, keeping your skin looking peak hydrated. Pro tip: try adding lip gloss and cream blush (never powder!) for a sun-kissed look, even when the sun is nowhere to be found.

  1. Orange is in

Serving up looks of pumpkin pie, adding an orange palette to your eyes, lips and cheeks gives an elegant yet fun take on a classic. You’ll look cute and bright–and compliment Mother Nature's with fall colors of your own.

  1. Brown is (also) in

Soft browns to shape the eyes and a light brown or neutral lip are some of my favorite makeup looks, regardless of time of year. What I love about using these kinds of colors is that you can decide whether you want to stay in the realm of natural looks, or go for something truly provocative. The choice is yours, and with a deep, sweet palette you really can’t go wrong.

  1. Fun winged eyeliner

The classic cat eye will always be a must. This fall, try your hand at a winged smokey eye, fun lightning bolts, bold colored wings, and soft oversized wings. Your eyes deserve to be the center of attention–show them off with creativity!

  1. Dark lips

From 90s brown lip liner and gloss to just plain spooky black lips, bringing a bit of darkness to your mouth is sexy and glamourous.

For help with selecting makeup shades and styles that work best for your personal coloration and face shape, reach out to Vard today!

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