7-Style Approach
Parisian Style Explained
by Vard Mov
While berets and silk scarves might be what first comes to your mind when you think 'Parisian' (and you're not wrong), Romantic Parisian is more a styling energy than it is rooted in specific clothing items.

Easy, breezy and effortless, this style is all about romanticizing your life and emulating that feeling you get when the sun is shining on your face at the golden hour. From silk midi skirts to stripes, Romantic Parisian is all about sultry movement and the finer things in life.

Here's an example: when styling a simple white collared button up with light wash jeans, opt for larger top sizes that move and shift with you–this look is about effortless lightness and airiness, which in turn makes you as the wearer look understated and elegant.

The French love a tasteful designer handbag with every outfit–and just like the French designers (Céline, Chanel, etc.), the Romantic Parisian style is always classy, soft and charming. To keep this look affordable, try instead carrying a small crochet or a basket bag. A coffee, a bouquet, a baguette or even a small dog is just as good an accessory as any.

Romantic Parisian style relies heavily on blacks, creams and florals for a color palette, and silk, cotton, linen (in the summer) and cashmere for materials.

Makeup is a mostly natural look, heavier on the hues like blush and lipstick. To aid in the illusion of constant movement, hair can be worn down and as bouncy as your texture allows.

Avoid big, tacky logos at all costs–the Parisian look leverages the quality of the item, not the clout of the brand, for it's charm. Opting for quality over quantity is simply the Parisian way (eat brie versus highly processed cheese and you'll feel the difference).
Pick one statement piece per outfit–the Parisian look is 75% high-quality neutral basics, and 25% statement. You never want to appear like you're trying too hard.
Remember: of the 7 styles, Romantic Parisian is the one most rooted in energy. Wear a smile, let your inner glow shine through–at the end of the day, the radiant, soft energy you emit will do more for you than any statement piece.
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