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Personal Stylist in Orange County

We’re your guide to confidence, style, and achievement.

Orange County Personal Stylist Turns Heads

Dedicated Expert

Certified by the London Institute of Style Coaching™️

Multilingual Capabilities

Services available in: English, Russian, Armenian

Skilled and Experienced Facilitator

Master's Degree in Education

Global Reach

We cater to clients worldwide, spanning across vibrant cities like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Moscow, Yerevan, and beyond.

Internationally Acclaimed

Featured in numerous local and international media outlets

Skilled and Experienced

10 + years of experience in professional interpersonal communication and business development

About Vard

Vard has always had a knack for intentional listening and building healthy relationships. As a loving wife, daughter, aunt–and in her former life as an educator–she is a practiced and proud empathetic communicator. Vard is also a curious and impassioned conversationalist and will discuss the intersections of beauty, style, mental health, and environmental advocacy to anyone who will listen to hours on end.

Central to Vard's core beliefs as an Orange County-based Style Coach is understanding and embracing one's unique personality. By building confidence in yourself, you'll learn to flaunt what makes you YOU through your own distinct style. It's the most efficient way, Vard says, in becoming the best version of yourself and achieving your goals.

With a Master's in Education and a passion for style, Vard pursued certification from the Style Coaching Institute in London and has since embraced her full-time career as a Style Coach and personal shopper in Orange County.

My Style Coaching Philosophy for a Rewarding Life

To better understand why I do what I do, you'll need to understand my background and my story. I'm from Armenia, which is a small mountainous country between Asia and Europe. I come from a traditional family with solid morals, and it wasn't until I left to explore the world that I gained independence and was able to embrace the modern world.

Now I live in beautiful West Hollywood, California. Here, I take a dual approach to style coaching, where personal styling meets life coaching to create a more rewarding lifestyle for my clients. Orange County, just like the rest of Southern California, is a place where people aren’t merely fashion-conscious. They are unique and talented and love to show their individuality in their fashion and lifestyles. But channeling this individuality into styles they can wear every day can be hard for some people. I help my clients to show up in their lives as the incredible people they are. I am passionate about being an Orange County-based Personal Style Coach!

Following her certification, Vard returned to the sun-drenched region of Southern California, where she embarked on her full-time career as a Style Coach. Since then, she has leveraged her expertise and unique approach to help clients embrace their individuality, boost their confidence, and reflect their personality through their style.

" I have learned so many lessons as a proud Armenian and adopted them into my methods of Style Coaching–lessons that I know everyone can benefit from, like seeing the beauty in everything and not sweating the small things. You can be tough and resilient without losing the softness and charm that make you YOU. "

Orange County Style

When most people think of Orange County, style immediately comes to mind. With picturesque beaches, beautiful weather, and trendsetting LA just across the county line, it is easy to see why this is the case. 

However, the style in Orange County is unique. People in Orange County tend to want to look fashionable but not quite in the way you might initially think. Here, it isn’t so much about being on the cutting edge of fashion; it’s about wearing styles and fits that are flattering to you. It is about developing a style that works for you and wearing it with enthusiasm. This helps you feel confident as you go about your day.

However, this doesn’t make it easy to find something to wear. This is because you will need to find and develop a personal style first. To stand out in Orange County, you can’t just look at a Pinterest board or look up a list of the “top outfits in Orange County.” If you do this, you’ll end up looking just like everyone else and, thus, failing to stand out at all. You’ll also be playing right into the inauthenticity that people here hate. 

This is another place where a personal stylist comes into play. A personal stylist can help pull together a cohesive style that flatters you. This means pieces that fit your unique personality but are still at the forefront of fashion. This allows you to look good in Orange County without just looking like you swiped your style from the nearest fashion magazine. 

The VARD / MOV Philosophy

Watch video to learn more about why we do what we do

Going Out in Orange County

Style in Orange County isn’t just about what you wear on a random day out. It’s about what you’ll wear on a special occasion or to a specific place. Because of this, style in Orange County shifts and fluctuates depending on where you are going and what you are doing.

If you are aiming to take some sunset photos at Heisler Park in Laguna Beach, you’ll likely want an outfit that is chic and glamorous Even what you wear to dinner could change depending on whether you plan to hit up a local joint for tacos or plan on exploring the industrial food hall in the Anaheim Packing District.

Why Choose Vard/Mov as Your Orange County-Based Personal Stylist

You might think of a personal stylist as a luxury you aren't sure you need, but a personal stylist can do amazing things for your life. Here are five things I can do for you:

1. Develop Your Personal Style

The biggest thing I can do for you is help develop your personal style (or styles). Together we'll curate a wardrobe that will reflect your inner beauty and make you feel amazing every day. I have a unique process that's fun and effective to aid you in discovering the real you. No more wearing clothes that don't feel like you - create a wardrobe that brings you alive! 

2. Find Your Best Colors

I will help you discover the colors that make you look and feel your best. It's an energizing experience to wear colors that are complementary to your skin tone, hair, and eye color. Your face will be radiant, and you'll see that wearing the right colors can even minimize the appearance of blemishes and other imperfections. 

3. Gain Confidence

One of the most significant things I can do for you is help you gain confidence in your appearance and life. I'm passionate about seeing people's lives changed for the better by coming to understand their colors, shape, and personal style. Your shopping won't be haphazard. You'll know exactly what styles to purchase, and you'll feel great. 

4. Refresh/Declutter Your Wardrobe 

You may already have loads of clothes, but our process will help you know what styles and colors look best on you. You'll be free to get rid of the items that don't flatter you and pass those on to someone else. 

5. Versatility

Although I'm an LA-based personal stylist, I recognize that I can do great things for people who don't live in this city or don't have time to meet up in person. I'm happy to bring my empowering style and life-transformational work to you virtually or in person. 

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