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Street Style Chic Explained
by Vard Mov
When you hear the term 'street style', you might imagine hip, artsy young people in bucket hats, Telfar bags and Jordans–and you're not wrong. Street Style is unique in the sense that trends tend to originate not from studios, but from popular street fashion of the time–in a sense, it's the ultimate grassroots look.

Here's a little history:

Street Style has roots in urban youth culture, as well as the fashion and brands of surf, skate and hip-hop culture. Although streetwear today includes popular luxury sportswear retailers (i.e. Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger), in the 1980s and 1990s, many street brands got their start by screen printing their own t-shirts in small batches. Part of the clout in wearing certain brands was how niche they were.

In the 2000s, sneaker culture rose to prominence, which still remains a major component in modern street style. Street brands and celebrities (famously, Michael Jordan) began to collaborate with shoe brands like Adidas and Nike. By the 2010s, luxury street wear companies–such as Virgil Abloh's Off-White–are beginning to have their moment.
Street Style Chic takes elements of classic and evolving street style and elevates them to the next level, mixing high fashion with pieces of streetwear for a look that is unique and inspired.
Michelle is wearing baggy jeans, Air Max sneakers, Prada sunglasses, a North Face puffer jacket and a neon green mini shoulder purse.

For example, Street Style Chic could be wearing Nike Air Max sneakers, oversized or wide-legged pants and a puffer jacket with designer sunglasses and purse.

Street Style Chic can be bright, colorful and loud–paying homage to the streetwear origins, the look is all about making a statement. Hype-beasts (fashionistas of the street style community) young and old rely on their knowledge of latest brands, collaborations and drops to inform their latest outfit choices.

Working with what you already have in your closet to create big, airy silhouettes from head to toe is a way to achieve this look on a budget. That old baseball cap you haven't worn in years, that oversized vintage t-shirt you only wear to bed–if styled correctly, these can become core pieces of your Style Style Chic wardrobe.

Alternatively, StreetStyle Chic can air on the side of 'chic', with monochromatic black or tan outfits with only vague hints of street style. Yes, you can look sleek and street. The popular New York luxury brand Aime Leon Dore combines preppy and street styles, which is a distinct look in it of itself.

Ultimately, finding your balance here is key. By using what you already have in your closet–and purchasing select items from brands following the trends and traditions of street wear that elevate your wardrobe–you can be selective of what works for you. The true beauty of Street Style Chic is that you will truly make it your own.
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