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Unveiling LA's Top 5 Personal Stylists to Elevate Your Fashion Game

Unveiling LA's Top 5 Personal Stylists to Elevate Your Fashion Game

When working in the fashion industry, getting an excellent Los Angeles stylist is one of the most important parts. They provide the latest accessories, outfits, clothing choices, and more. Many provide a personalized experience, ensuring you get the best service. So, what is the top 5 best personal stylist LA? Let's find out. 

There are five excellent choices for having a personal stylist Los Angeles. They include:

  • VardMov
  • Mary Komick Style
  • Rayne Parvis
  • A.C. Styles
  • Katie Curates

This blog post discusses why these companies are the best stylist choice in Los Angeles. Continue reading for more information. 

What are LA's Top 5 Personal Stylists?

As mentioned above, there are many great stylists. However, when choosing a Los Angeles personal stylist, make sure it fits your needs as it is necessary. 

1. VardMov

VardMov is the #1 best personal stylist that you can go to in Los Angeles. With over ten years of experience in business development and professional interpersonal communication, you can ensure we have your best interest at heart.

VardMov provides excellent service by creating a personalized experience. We build your confidence by helping you understand what fashion makes you who you want to be. With our 7-style approach, you have multiple options, and we will be there every step of the way. They include the following styles:

  • London smart casual: edgy, upscale modern look
  • Classic with a twist: elegant, classy attire
  • Street style chic: trendy streetwear
  • Minimalist: mono-chromatic basics
  • Parisian chic: soft and sweet-effortlessly
  • Dramatic glam: fun, colorful, and dressy look
  • Boho-chic: incorporating a hippie bohemian style for a more modern look

Also, here at VardMov, we are multilingual, speaking English, Russian, and Armenian. VardMov serves clients worldwide, including Los Angeles, Moscow, Dubai, London, and more. 

If you are ready to get in with VardMov, we provide a contact page for your convenience. Here, you can schedule a 30-minute meeting to review any specific information needed to get you started. 

#2. Mary Komick Style

clothing stylist

The second LA stylist we will discuss is Mary Komick, who believes that style is more than the clothes you wear; it is the message you send to the world. Since she was young, Mary Komick wanted to make a difference by guiding women to learn how style impacted their lives and made a difference. 

Not only this, but Mary ensures you gain a personalized experience by bringing out the confidence and highest potential you can go. She wants to help you transform your life into a meaningful experience. 

Mary looked at her closet a few years ago and was overwhelmed with everything. This is why Mary Komick Style is devoted to creating a style that will help you dress for daily professional and personal events, called the Style System. 

#3. Rayne Parvis

clothing stylist

If you are stuck in a fashion rut, Rayne Parvis has helped many men and women overcome that. Sometimes you might have lost your style or need a new groove. In that case, Rayne offers many different services, including the following:

  • Personal shopping and styling
  • Color analysis
  • Outfit styling
  • Style Coaching™
  • Virtual and in-person closet edits
  • Photoshoot styling (for social media, headshops, dating profiles, branding, website photoshoots, etc.)

Rayne Parvis has multiple qualifications, including being trusted with award-winning photographers, matchmaking, and high-end branding agencies. 

#4. A.C. Styles

clothing stylist

At A.C. Styles, they believe in reimaging the personal shopping Los Angeles experience and challenging the shopping industry. They provide a personalized experience geared towards your interests and goals, ensuring you have the best shopping and styling experience. 

After six years, A.C. Styles has become a sought-after service, dealing with 1000+ clients during that timeframe. In 2015, Ashley, the CEO of A.C. Styles, took on her first client and realized she could make a difference in the fashion world. 

Fast forward to 2020, her company started and has grown massively, with seven other fashion experts. Not only this, but the number of clients has grown from 1000 to 1500 and counting! 

When working with A.C. Styles, you get a step-by-step process on everything. 

The team provides expert styling, white-glove service, bespoke wardrobes, and on-demand assistance. Not only that, but their system is as follows:

  • Initial assessment: a questionnaire about your lifestyle, style goals, and current style.

  • Style kick-off: you meet one-on-one with your lead stylist, who critiques your current style and aligns your goal to where they need to be. 

  • Closet curation: whether virtually or in-home, they inspect your closet piece by piece to see what does and does not align with your goals. 

  • Shopping & styling: after the closet curation, A.C. Styles will help you purchase what clothing you need for the style you are going for. 

  • Getting the perfect fit: any items that do not fit well, you can work with your logistics coordinator to help return or exchange anything you need. 
  • Keeping the style

  • Keeping the momentum

  • Shopping & styling: This company assures your fashion will not go to waste as they help you get the perfect outfit for a date, party, or whatever needs you may have.

#5. Katie Curates

clothing stylist

The fifth personal stylist in LA is Katie Curates, who has over 12 years of experience for small boutiques and larger companies such as Nike, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale's. Since she was young, she wanted to impact the world. 

Katie has seen the need in the fashion industry by creating a one-on-one experience from turning their nightmare into an intentional, fun, and robust experience. Overall, Katie wants you to claim yourself as what you want to be. 

Her company provides multiple services to help you find your groove in fashion:

  • Shopping jumpstart: for those who need special occasional outfits, on a budget, and have limited time shopping for just what they need.

  • Closet jumpstart: addresses organizing, editing, and styling outfits in your closet.

  • Wardrobe refresh: if you have clothes you like but need help learning how to wear them differently, the wardrobe refresh is for you.

  • Wardrobe rebuild: if you dream of completely transforming your closet into something beautiful, the wardrobe refresh is for you.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, choosing a stylist Los Angeles is extremely important. However, here at VardMov, we are dedicated to making your experience worthwhile! Contact us today to set up a 30 minute meeting, and we assure you will not be disappointed. 

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