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Personal Shopper in Newport Beach

Elevating Newport Beach Style with Personalized Shopping Experiences

Newport Beach's Premier Personal Shopper Experience

Dedicated Expert

Certified by the London Institute of Style Coaching™️. Now offering specialized personal shopping services in Newport Beach, with the same high standards.

Multilingual Capabilities

Services available in English, Russian, Armenian, catering to the diverse community of Newport Beach.

Skilled and Experienced Facilitator

Bringing a Master's Degree in Education to craft personalized shopping experiences.

Local and Global Reach

While we have a worldwide clientele, our focus on Newport Beach ensures a deep understanding of local style and trends.

Internationally Acclaimed, Locally Focused

Featured in local Newport Beach media and international outlets for exceptional personal shopping services.

Skilled and Experienced

Over 10 years of expertise now concentrated on serving the unique needs of Newport Beach residents.

About Vard

Vard, renowned as a premier personal shopper in Newport Beach, combines her innate talent for intentional listening with a deep understanding of the unique lifestyle and fashion needs of Newport Beach. As a dedicated family member and a former educator, she excels in building meaningful connections and communicating empathetically. Her conversations often revolve around the synergy of beauty, style, mental well-being, and environmental consciousness, subjects close to the heart of the Newport Beach community.

In her role as a personal shopper and style coach, Vard emphasizes the importance of embracing individuality. She believes that confidence is key in Newport Beach's vibrant fashion scene, where personal style is not just a choice but a statement of one's identity. Her approach is all about celebrating what makes each client unique, guiding them to express their personality through fashion that resonates with the coastal elegance of Newport Beach.

Vard's journey to becoming Newport Beach's go-to personal shopper began with a Master's in Education, which honed her ability to understand and relate to diverse individuals. Seeking to blend her educational background with her love for style, she attained certification from the Style Coaching Institute in London. This paved the way for her successful career as a style coach, initially in Los Angeles and now focused on serving the distinctive needs of clients in sunny Newport Beach, California.

Her expertise and local insight make her an invaluable asset for anyone seeking a personalized shopping experience in Newport Beach, ensuring that each client's style perfectly complements their lifestyle and the unique vibes of this prestigious coastal city.

My Style Coaching Philosophy for a Rewarding Life

My role as a personal shopper in Newport Beach is founded on the belief that true beauty and confidence originate from within. I view style and fashion as the external manifestations of your inner radiance. This philosophy guides my interactions with clients in Newport Beach. Our journey together starts with understanding your passions, strengths, and aspirations. Then, we focus on how you can achieve your goals while embracing the Newport Beach lifestyle. Together, we'll craft a personal style that not only showcases your inner beauty but also aligns with the sophisticated, coastal vibe of Newport Beach.

Understanding my background offers insight into my approach. Originally from Armenia, a country rich in tradition and natural beauty, I bring a blend of strong values and an appreciation for diverse cultures. My journey led me to California, where I've immersed myself in the unique lifestyle and fashion scene of Newport Beach.

I take a holistic approach to personal shopping. Here, personal style is more than fashion; it's about embodying the unique spirit of Newport Beach. My clients in this city are distinguished by their individuality and their desire to express themselves through their attire. As a Newport Beach-based personal shopper, I am dedicated to helping each client express their true self through fashion that resonates with the luxurious and relaxed essence of this coastal community.

Since becoming certified, I have honed my skills to cater specifically to the Newport Beach clientele. My experience has equipped me to guide clients in embracing their individuality, enhancing their confidence, and expressing their personalities through style choices that are in perfect harmony with the lifestyle and aesthetic of Newport Beach.

The VARD / MOV Philosophy

Watch video to learn more about why we do what we do

" I have learned so many lessons as a proud Armenian and adopted them into my methods of Style Coaching–lessons that I know everyone can benefit from, like seeing the beauty in everything and not sweating the small things. You can be tough and resilient without losing the softness and charm that make you YOU. "

About the 7-Style Approach

The 7-Style Approach, especially adapted for personal shopper services in Newport Beach, is designed to discover a style that captures your truest self. This unique system outlines seven style archetypes, each reflecting a different aspect of Newport Beach's diverse and upscale lifestyle. By exploring these archetypes, you can identify a style that resonates with both your personality and the coastal elegance of Newport Beach. This process is enriched by reference styles that mirror the city’s distinct fashion sensibilities, making it a delightful and insightful experience to uncover your personal style in Newport Beach.

Why Choose Vard/Mov as Your Personal Shopper in Newport Beach

Considering a personal shopper in Newport Beach might seem like an indulgence, but the benefits are substantial and tailored to the Newport Beach lifestyle. Here are five ways I can enhance your life in this fashionable city:

1. Develop Your Newport Beach Personal Style

My primary goal is to help you develop a personal style that mirrors Newport Beach's chic and relaxed atmosphere. We’ll curate a wardrobe that not only showcases your inner beauty but also harmonizes with the city's coastal vibe, ensuring you feel fantastic every day.

2. Find Your Best Colors in Newport Beach

In the unique light of Newport Beach, discovering colors that complement you is vital. I'll assist you in finding hues that enhance your natural beauty, perfect for the city's sunny and vibrant setting.

3. Gain Confidence in Newport Beach’s Social Scene

Boosting your confidence in how you present yourself is crucial in a city known for its style. By understanding your colors, shape, and personal style, you'll navigate Newport Beach's social and professional circles with newfound confidence.

4. Refresh/Declutter Your Wardrobe the Newport Beach Way

Let's streamline your wardrobe to reflect Newport Beach's fashion standards. We'll focus on styles and colors that flatter you, making room for attire that resonates with Newport Beach's unique lifestyle.

5. Versatility for Newport Beach Residents

While I offer services beyond Newport Beach, my focus is on providing accessible and impactful style transformations for locals. Whether you prefer virtual consultations or in-person sessions, I'm equipped to bring the best of Newport Beach's fashion scene directly to you.

Discovering Newport Beach's Unique Style Essence

Newport Beach, a gem along the California coast, is more than just a picturesque locale; it's a hub of sophisticated style and diverse fashion. As a personal shopper in Newport Beach, I am immersed in this dynamic environment, where fashion intertwines with the laid-back, yet upscale lifestyle of the city. Here, style is not just about following trends; it's about crafting a personal identity that resonates with the city's unique blend of beachside ease and luxury living. The essence of Newport Beach style lies in its ability to merge casual chic with upscale elegance, creating a fashion landscape that's as diverse and vibrant as its residents.

From selecting the perfect ensemble for a sunset yacht party to choosing everyday wear that reflects the effortless glamor of beachside living, Newport Beach fashion is about creating a wardrobe that is as functional as it is fashionable. In this city, where the sun meets the sea, fashion becomes a way to celebrate life in one of the most beautiful settings on the West Coast.

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