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Best Personal Stylist in Beverly Hills

We are the ultimate source of guidance for cultivating confidence, refining style, and attaining remarkable accomplishments.

Your Exceptional Stylist Extraordinaire

Dedicated Expert

Certified by the London Institute of Style Coaching™️

Multilingual Capabilities

Services available in: English, Russian, Armenian

Skilled and Experienced Facilitator

Master's Degree in Education

Global Reach

We cater to clients worldwide, spanning across vibrant cities like Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, London, Dubai, Moscow, Yerevan, and beyond.

Internationally Acclaimed

Featured in numerous local and international media outlets

Skilled and Experienced

10 + years of experience in professional interpersonal communication and business development

About Vard

Vard has always had a knack for intentional listening and building healthy relationships. As a loving wife, daughter, aunt–and in her former life as an educator–she is a practiced and proud empathetic communicator.

Vard is also a curious and impassioned conversationalist, and will discuss the intersections of beauty, style, mental health, and environmental advocacy to anyone who will listen for hours on end.

Academic Background and Passion

Vard's journey to becoming a renowned Style Coach was fueled by her academic background and passion for fashion. She holds a Master's degree in Education, which laid the groundwork for her career. However, her fervor for style directed her towards the esteemed Style Coaching Institute in London. Here, she obtained professional certification, cementing her commitment to this career path.

Following her certification, Vard returned to the sun-drenched city of Los Angeles, California, where she embarked on her full-time career as a Style Coach. Since then, she has leveraged her expertise and unique approach to help clients embrace their individuality, boost their confidence, and reflect their personality through their style.

The VARD / MOV Philosophy

Watch video to learn more about why we do what we do

" I have learned so many lessons as a proud Armenian and adopted them into my methods of Style Coaching–lessons that I know everyone can benefit from, like seeing the beauty in everything and not sweating the small things. You can be tough and resilient without losing the softness and charm that make you YOU. "

Confidence Comes From Within

Vard's style coaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that beauty and self-assuredness are intrinsic qualities. She perceives style and fashion as mere mirrors, reflecting the radiant light that emanates from within each individual. This insightful understanding forms the foundation of her coaching approach.

In her work with clients, Vard initiates the process by delving into a dialogue about their passions, strengths, and talents. This conversation serves as a vital step towards understanding the essence of their individuality. Subsequently, she transitions to discuss their diverse objectives, exploring optimal pathways to achieve them.

The result is not merely a curated wardrobe or a tailored self-care regimen but a tangible reflection of their inner beauty and confidence. This unique approach empowers individuals to celebrate their uniqueness, fostering self-love and confidence in their daily lives.

Why Choose Vard/Mov as Your Beverly Hills-based Personal Stylist

You may perceive a personal stylist as an indulgence you're uncertain about, but the transformative impact a personal stylist can have on your life is remarkable. Here are five ways I can enhance your style journey:

Cultivate Your Unique Style 

My primary role as your stylist is to assist you in articulating your unique style (or styles). We'll collaboratively assemble a wardrobe that mirrors your inner charm and inspires confidence daily. My distinctive approach is both enjoyable and effective, guiding you toward uncovering your true persona. Say goodbye to outfits that don't resonate with you - let's create a wardrobe that invigorates your spirit!

Uncover Your Ideal Colors

I will guide you in identifying the colors that amplify your natural beauty and boost your mood. It's truly invigorating to adorn colors that harmonize with your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Your complexion will glow, and you'll discover how the right hues can subtly minimize the appearance of flaws and imperfections.

Boost Confidence 

One of the most impactful transformations I can facilitate is enhancing your self-confidence in your appearance and overall life. I am deeply passionate about witnessing the positive changes in people's lives when they understand their ideal colors, body shape, and personal style. Your shopping experiences will be strategic and fulfilling, as you'll know precisely which styles to choose, resulting in a confident you.

Revitalize/Declutter Your Wardrobe 

Despite an already overflowing wardrobe, our process will enable you to discern the styles and colors that truly flatter you. This understanding will liberate you to part ways with items that don't compliment your look, making room for new additions.

Versatility and Availability

Even though I'm a Beverly Hills-based personal stylist, I acknowledge that my services can benefit individuals beyond this city or those unable to meet in person. I am delighted to extend my empowering style guidance and life-altering services to you virtually or face-to-face.

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